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My husband and I would like to thank you very much for coordinating such a wonderful trip to Morocco for us. We had a fantastic time and visited many amazing berber villages & Valleys. A vacation trip we will remember for the rest of our lives.
The Guest huoses were very nice and the Meals was delicious,

We will definitely recommend you to all of our friends, we could not have had a better time.




* Most people write about complaints, but I am writing to you to thank you for everything you did for my clients. ALANA told me that it was absolutely fantastic. Your friendly staff and guides, he had no word for how wonderful they were. So again I thank you soooooooo much for your service. Kindest regards.



* "I wanted to say "thank you" for arranging our excursion. All details were meticulously arranged by you and we felt very comfortable and quite enjoyed our vacation! Thanks again for everything. I will recommend your services for anyone that may be looking for an adventure in Morocco! Thanks again!"

Jeanne E. Praetsch


* The staff were very informative and punctual and explained what was happening. They were supportive and well informed. Service within lodges were excellent. We really enjoyed ourselves & our trek

We will definitely recommend you to all of our friends .

Thanks again!"

Michelle R...


* My sister and I had booked to do the 3 day trip through Jamal. Our guide (Abdel) was great at answering all our questions and truly made the trip more beneficial. The food that was served to us on the mountain was the best food i had eaten in Morocco and the guides were always very accommodating to are needs - whether this be a rest at 4000m or a cup of mint tea after a long day. Our climb was carried out in June and the weather was amazing the whole time with beautiful views at the summit. The nights we stayed on the hill were chilly at 7 degrees and the refuge being in a valleys saw the disappearance of direct sunlight around 6pm. The tents provided come with sleeping mats 2 inches thick which when compared with roll mat is very luxurious! The altitude is not a problem unless you are attempting to sprint up the hill. all in all a great experience.

Laura. Tchafe





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